Pädaste Vitality Retreat Spring

A fascinating introduction to body and mind empowerment for high-performing individuals to feel and function at their best

15 April until 18 April 2021
Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island, Estonia

Based at renowned Estonian resort Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island, the Pädaste Vitality Retreat takes place just twice a year, in early spring when life on Muhu Islands awakens and in the peace of early autumn, when the Indian Summer on Muhu Island invites to contemplate and seek serenity.

Yoga, meditation and breathwork provide a gentle start to the day’s activities, while afternoons are devoted to a variety of lectures and restorative spa treatments. Sustenance comes in the form of balanced meals prepared by the hotel’s Chef de Cuisine famed for the estate’s pure and locally sourced Nordic Islands’ Cuisine.

Moderated by author and lecturer Siim Land - globally known protagonist of the biohacking movement, participants reconnect to themselves and nature and refocus mind and body. Through heightened awareness participants will be able to create tools to achieve set goals. The sense of shared achievement nourished among the group is no small part of the retreat's appeal and the lasting impression it leaves.


The retreat programme has been created especially for the Pädaste Vitality Retreat by our core team of tutors and coaches in conjunction with our Chef de Cuisine.


Thursday, 15 April

14:00 – Welcome & Introduction to the Pädaste Vitality Retreat 

Lecture – Nutrition and exercise I Siim Land

Nature walk 

Ice bath plunge I Leigh Ewin 

Time at your own leisure at Pädaste Spa

3-course dinner at Alexander Restaurant I Chef de Cuisine Diogo Caetano


Friday, 16 April 

Guided breathwork to start the day I Leigh Ewin 

Morning ice bath plunge I Leigh Ewin 


Time at your own leisure at Pädaste Spa

Light lunch at Alexander Restaurant 

Lecture – Sleep and circadian rhythms I Siim Land 

Yoga class I Ave Lao, Personal trainer and yogi

Lecture – Biohacking in medicine - an integrative approach to health from the perspective of functional medicine I Triin Eller, MD & PhD 

Dinner in the wild – The power in food. It’s about the good stuff I Chef de Cuisine Diogo Caetano 

Evening at your own leisure, evening spa


Saturday, 17 April 

Rise and shine – Early morning yoga  


Lecture – Morning routine and productivity I Siim land 

Lunch at Alexander Restaurant 

Lecture – learning to develop biofeedback I Siim Land 

Time at your own leisure at Pädaste Spa

3-course dinner at Alexander Restaurant I Chef de Cuisine Diogo Caetano


Sunday, 18 April 

Rise and shine – Early morning yoga 


Lecture – The different paths to self actualisation I Siim Land 

Time at your own leisure at Pädaste Spa

Late check out at 17:00

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Tutors and Coaches

Siim Land - Author, life coach, moderator of the Pädaste Vitality Retreat

Siim Land is a self-published bestselling author and online entrepreneur. The topics he covers range from health and fitness to productivity and mindset. His ideas involve human life enhancement through body mind empowerment. A few of his books are on Amazon’s best selling list on Amazon and he has a large online following and is a keynote speaker at various global biohacking conferences. 

In academics, Siim has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology, which has gifted him with the skills for independent research and professional writing in any format or tone of voice. 

The purpose of his work is to educate and empower high-performing individuals to feel and function at their best. The Vitality Retreat at Pädaste offers a fascinating introduction to body and mind empowerment. Siim Land will be the moderator throughout the event. 


Leigh Ewin – Wim Hof instructor, Breathworker, Wellness Coach and Tribe Builder

Leigh Ewin is a breathworker and cold exposure instructor. He has worked with several of the worlds ́ most recognised breathwork practitioners and holds certifications in multiple methodologies. You can find Leigh teaching and guiding breathwork anywhere across the globe from an athletic field with athletes, in yoga studios or in tipis in the middle of the forest. 

He writes about himself: ‘’I love forming tribes and bringing people together. I teach and guide people how to breathe for improved performance, relaxation, trauma release, meditation, focus and to influence their physiology and psychology.’’ 

‘’I believe in flexing or “stressing” things to where they can move or are shaped in new ways. I truly believe in the potential in every single person and aim to nurture that and allow it to shine through.’’ 

Leigh is a Certified Wim Hof instructor and will facilitate the ice bath experience at the Pädaste Vitality Retreat. 


Triin Eller – MD & PhD

Triin is a well known Estonian pioneer in the field of Functional Medicine. Graduated from the UT Faculty of Medicine, she specialised in psychiatry and worked and followed advanced studies in functional medicine in Finland and the USA. Alongside her work as a psychiatrist, Triin was a research fellow at the university and an associate professor of psychiatry. According to Eller: ’’I met more and more people who did not follow the usual approach, did not seek chemical treatment, or received severe side effects, and instead of feeling better, they worsened. There arose an interest in more natural treatment options. I help people understand what’s going on in their bodies and how to organize it.’’ 

The idea of ​​functional medicine is the individuality of the human being – as we have different faces, our bodies also have different faces from the inside, with differences in biochemistry, genetics, growth environment. These differences are measured and accounted for by functional medicine. It looks for abnormalities in the functioning of the body that occur before the onset of disease and helps to balance. 

Currently Triin practices as a psychiatrist in Jyväskylä, Finland, she has a small private office in Tartu, Estonia, the Conscious Living Room, where she works along the principles of functional medicine.


Ave Lao – Personal Trainer and Yogi

Ave is a personal trainer and a yoga teacher at Goldeb Club Viimsi. She received her initial education as a dance instructor in Tallinn University. Ave has worked as trainer for almost 20 years in multiple renowned gyms and has been a fitness instructor for various classes. Ave´s first introduction to yoga was the physically demanding Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. 

She has attended different yoga camps, as well as traveled to India to attend seminars and further her knowledge of yoga. As time went on, Ave gravitated towards more gentle, more tranquil styles of yoga, such as Hatha, Purnam, Yin Yoga and Med Yoga. In her classes, Ave always caters to her clients´ needs and takes their skill and previous experiences into account. 

“I like to teach people to listen to their body and be friends with themselves. We should all love and care for the temple that is our mind and body. Everything in ourselves is interconnected – the mind is not separate from the body. We ought to strive to understand ourselves and our thoughts. We should think about the food we eat, the information we receive, the thoughts we think and the friends who we spend time with. Harmony and balance gives peace of mind and love of oneself. Loving yourself leads to people loving you.” 


Diogo Caetano – Chef de Cuisine at Pädaste Manor

Diogo is the head chef of the fine dining Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor and is the guardian of Pädaste’s Nordic Islands’ Cuisine. 

Nordic Islands’ Cuisine defined by Hoteliers Martin Breuer and Imre Sooäär, 21 years ago bases itself on utmost respect for seasons, total craftsmanship in the kitchen, a taboo on processed foods and celebration of locally grown and foraged produce. 

Diogo fell in love for this culinary philosophy and as modern conscious leader, he is well tuned to the environment with focus on little waste and the beauty that comes with creating a fabulous and innovative cuisine form a terroir with natural limitations. 

Diogo takes all participants in the Pädaste Vitality Retreat to the challenge of jointly cooking dinner using limited resources and augmented creative solutions and thinking – Dinner in the wild. That evening he will speak about the Power in Food. 

Pricing and details