Pädaste Yoga Retreat in May

27 May until 30 May 2021
Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island, Estonia

Based at renowned Estonian resort Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island, the Pädaste Yoga Retreat takes place twice a year, in early spring when life on Muhu Islands awakens and in the peace of early autumn, when the Indian Summer on Muhu Island invites to contemplate and seek serenity.


The Pädaste Yoga Retreat is one in a series of retreats in the Corpus+Spiritum philosophy by Pädaste Manor


Yoga, meditation and breathwork provide a gentle start and finish to the day’s activities, while afternoons are devoted to restorative massages and spa treatments. Sustenance comes in the form of balanced meals prepared by the hotel’s Chef de Cuisine famed for the estate’s pure and locally sourced Nordic Islands’ Cuisine.


The yoga and mediation sessions will be led by yoga teacher Ave Lao and journey through gongs and sound bowls will be led by Kaia Karjatse supported by Pädaste’s wellness experts. During the four days participants will reconnect to nature, sweat out toxins, rediscover flexibility and resilience, and refocus their mind and tone their body. The sense of shared achievement nourished among the group is no small part of the retreat’s appeal and the lasting impression it leaves.



The retreat programme has been created especially for the Pädaste Yoga Retreat by Ave Lao, Kaia Karjatse together with Pädaste Manor yoga teacher and Spa therapist. Classes will be held in English.

Thursday, 27. May

14:00 – 15:00 Check-in

Light lunch 

Introduction to the retreat by Ave Lao and our SPA therapist

Evening yoga session with Ave

Dinner at Alexander Restaurant


Friday, 28. May

Breakfast in the Winter garden

 Morning yoga session with Ave

Lunch at Alexander Restaurant

Time at your own leisure; spa treatments

Evening yoga session with Ave

Dinner at Alexander Restaurant


Saturday, 29. May

Breakfast in the Winter garden

SHINDO with Ave

Lunch at Alexander Restaurant

Time at your own leisure; spa treatments

Journey through gongs and sound bowls with Kaia

Dinner at Alexander Restaurant


Sunday, 30. May

Breakfast in the Winter garden

Morning yoga session with gongs and sound bowls

12:00 - 14:00 Late check out

Daily programme

The Yoga Retreat in Spring contains yoga, shindo and the journey through through gongs and sound bowls.

The remainder of time is at your own leisure, wellness experts are available to offer personally consult for the best choice of restorative massages and spa treatments.

Pricing and details

Come with friends

Support the Corpus+Spiritum initiative!

Spread word among your friends and invite them to join. It's actually so much fun and joy to experience and bondwith good friends and make new ones! Bonds forged by the common extraordinary experience at the retreat will last many years.


Tutors and Coaches

Ave Lao - Yoga teacher

Ave is a personal trainer and a yoga teacher at Golden Club Viimsi. She received her initial education as a dance instructor in Tallinn University. Ave has worked as trainer for almost 20 years in multiple renowned gyms and has been a fitness instructor for various classes. Ave´s first introduction to yoga was the physically demanding Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

She has attended different yoga camps, as well as traveled to India to attend seminars and further her knowledge of yoga. As time went on, Ave gravitated towards more gentle, more tranquil styles of yoga, such as Hatha, Purnam, Yin Yoga and Med Yoga. In her classes, Ave always caters to her clients´ needs and takes their skill and previous experiences into account.

“I like to teach people to listen to their body and be friends with themselves. We should all love and care for the temple that is our mind and body. Everything in ourselves is interconnected – the mind is not separate from the body. We ought to strive to understand ourselves and our thoughts. We should think about the food we eat, the information we receive, the thoughts we think and the friends who we spend time with. Harmony and balance gives peace of mind and love of oneself. Loving yourself leads to people loving you.”

Kaia Karjatse - Gongmaster

Body, soul and spirit are a perfect whole that must be known. Years of practice and experience have given Kaia the faith and knowledge that sound has a profound healing power. It is worth delving into sound magic and the result is always an experience.

A sound journey with the mystical music of gongs and sound bowls relieves tension and deeply relaxes body and mind.

Sound journey is a lying concert and meditation at the same time - sounds create well-being, heal, refresh brain and thought, and create a bridge between the levels of consciousness, subconscious and common consciousness.

Meditation is experience, relaxed ignorance, being open without intention, faith and expectation, just being sitting or lying, understanding the unity of everything around, it does not require giving up or doubting previous experience, it gives confidence, brings clarity, care, understanding, it is passage, flow, experience, peace.

The healing vibrations of gongs and bowls, known for thousands of years, heal the body and mind. When traveling with sounds, it is possible to move into the finer etheric dimensions, where the mind rests and the body relaxes. The harmony of the gong tones creates peace of mind, a calm mind and deep relaxation provide an opportunity for positive change and healing.

Gong is a sacred instrument that has been used since ancient times to connect with the integrity of the world. Gong therapy tunes the body to a harmonious state, where sounds create an anti-stress space just for you.

Pricing and details